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TGH works with our partners to build a more equitable society in which all members of our communities have access to the digital world. We measure success by the digital skills, computers, and internet access that graduates gain and the ways they apply those skills and tools in whatever way will benefit them most.

Foundations of Digital Access

TGH strives to help individuals learn to navigate and use the internet in whatever capacity benefits them most.


of graduates have home internet one year after their program

of graduates have communicated using video chat

of graduates have used their new digital skills to communicate using email



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“Many of our students were trying to complete college applications and writing their college essays on their phones. It has made a huge difference for our students to have devices at home to be able to work on their applications at their own pace.”

TGH Community Instructor, June 2020


Educational Opportunity

TGH supports schools and community organizations to successfully engage with families by bringing caregivers in to learn with their children. Our programs create an opportunity for families to build relationships with their instructor and other families in their community



of adults who participated in our intergenerational programs report that their children use their TGH device for learning more than once per week

of school-aged children are better able to do schoolwork online using the skills and tools they gained through the program

of students leveraged their digital skills and tools to improve their grades


“TGH was the best experience of my life. It made me change my career.
I am now a student in college training to be a PC Engineer!”
Kewanee, TGH Graduate

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Economic Mobility

TGH prepares adult learners to use the internet as a tool for economic mobility so graduates are prepared to search for jobs online, create a resume, complete online applications, and secure jobs with sustaining wages.

  • 68% of graduates have used the tools and skills they gained through TGH for accessing job searching resources

  • 54% of graduates used their new skills to start a business, improve their job standing, or enter a professional training or education program

  • 64% of graduates use the digital tools and skills they gained through TGH in their current job

  • 63% of graduates have used their new digital tools and skills to manage finances online

Health & Wellness


have accessed vaccine information or scheduled a vaccine appointment online using their new digital skills and tools


have leveraged their new devices and digital skills to access telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic


have ordered life essentials online like medicine, food, cleaning supplies, and masks during the pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, digital access has also been critical for families to access life-saving information and resources from home.

Courses & Community Partners

TGH courses are currently held in partnership with over 250 community sites.

Over the past five years we have served 22,000 youth and adult learners and distributed 14,500 new computers.

We know our program works because we collect feedback from learners to ensure it's meeting their needs.


report that they learned skills during their TGH course that can help improve their lives.

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